Gourmet Oil


Gourmet Oil has been conceived to be far more than a simple promotional newsletter for the extra-virgin olive oil. Italy is the land of vineyards and oliveyards, a land that has since ever inspired travellers fascinated by the Mediterranean passion and good food.

Olive oil used as a dressing to exalt the savour of food, and its healthy properties are still known among only a small number of food experts and far less to consumers from emerging markets.

For these reasons, Gourmet Oil stands as the international Web marketing compaign addressed to importers, buyers and Ho.Re.Ca. operators working in the emerging markets such as Russia, China and Brasil along with the European Union markets, aiming at the following targets:


  • Introduce the olive grower, the produce and the manufacturing environment
  • Inform about the healthy properties of extra virgin olive oil
  • Suggest on how to use olive oil in cooking, to make new and ancient recipes


Visit our portfolio Gourmet Oil, to view the profile of Companies that have already participated in the promotional project!

For more information, target countries and application form please contact our marketing staff at marketing@italsolution.com

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