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In 2004, Loredana and Francesco Calò constituted Italsolution s.a.s., a Communication and International Strategic Marketing services company. Loredana is the company director, in charge of the management, communication and export coordination, and of the supervision and translation services.

She transferred her wide experience to Italsolution s.a.s., this experience which started in 1997 until 2003, when Loredana was as a freelance translator and interpreter, working as a Technical Adviser at the Court of Taranto, consultant to law firms and notary public offices, as well to the foreign department office of commercial companies operating in Italy and abroad.

Loredana constantly improves her skills and knowledge in Marketing and Communication, an experience which started in 2001 when she attended a business mini masters course in Marketing and Communication Techniques, organised in Taranto by Prof. Cosimo Gentile and Amedeo Cottino, and the “Customer Relationship Management and Quality of Services” seminar held in Bologna in 2002 by Prof. Gian Luca Marzocchi, full professor of Marketing at the Statistic Science Faculty in the University of Bologna.

Her passion for wine and good food are subjects of study and close examination. This passion has been growing since 2005 , thanks to the constant and active participation in tasting courses and seminars and sensorial analysis held by university professors and sommeliers of the AIS “Italian Association of Sommeliers”.


Francesco is an informatics expert. He has been a partner in Italsolution s.a.s. since 2004, working as a Graphic and Web Developer, and technical informatics supervisor. He publishes and manages the company’s portal ( and is in charge of the editorial and graphic aspects, both of the newsletters and presentation material for the Web marketing promotional campaigns “Promowines” and “Spirit of Italy”.

He is the author, designer and developer of dedicated Software Dermagenda, advanced organizer for dermatologists.

Francesco is a graduand in information science at the University of Pisa.
He is specialised in design, elaboration and actualisation of portals and websites, using multimedia technologies (Multimedia and Web Design), information systems and e-commerce, software developing and office automation.


Italsolution s.a.s. external consultants

Translators and Interpreters Team

A team of professional mother tongue translators cooperate with Italsolution s.a.s. Communication represents our strength point and our passion, as well as our system to remove all barriers in making peoples, cultures and continents get together.

  •     Autoor Tawfiq (Mother tongue: English (UK) and Arabic; work languages: Italian English Arabic)
  •     Jan Verheyden (Mother tongue: Dutch; work languages: Dutch > Italian)
  •     Edith Bockmann (Mother tongue: German; work languages: Italian > German)
  •     Monica Marasco (Mother tongue: Italian; work languages: English and Russian >Italian)
  •     Birgit Elisabeth Horn (Mother tongue: German; work languages: Italian and English > German)
  •     Anna Tomashevskaya (Mother tongue: Russian; work languages Italian and English (UK) Russian)
  •     Agnès Levillayer (Mother tongue: French; work languages: Italian >French)
  •     Stefania Delli Noci (Mother tongue: Italian; work languages: English (UK), French > Italian )
  •     Kiyo Shima (Mother tongue: Japanese; work languages: English (US) Japanese)
  •     Viviana Fernandez (Mother tongue: Spanish; work languages: Italian, Portuguese >Spanish)

Marketing and graphic communication consultants


Anna cooperates with Italsolution in planning the marketing and communication strategies for the commercial and tourist fields. In 2004, she attended the Specialised Training Course “Colour and Communication – Expert in using colours in communication” at the University of Bari. She specialised in using colours in different production fields: industrial, interior design, textile, packaging, communication, advertisement and design.

In 2004, she specialised in “Colour and Communication” at C.R.A.S.M.I. (Research Centre for Analysis and Phenomena Studies of Italian Style) in Bari.  In 1998, she graduated in Arts (Art and History) from the University of Chieti. In 2001, she attended the Mini Masters course in Marketing and Communication Techniques. The same year she won the 1st award for “The Best Business Initiative” with her project “The Place of Recollections” . The aim of the project was to valorise the traditional shapes in woman’s art, by opening a handicraft laboratory of lace making and cloth painting, which she managed in 2002 and 2003.
In 2001, Anna  participated in the artistic and editorial project of “Angelo”, the book written by Ambleto Salvatore Antonaci and as a private edition published by Studio 1 Calò.


Since 1995, Angelo has been working as a graphic editorial consultant for several ONLUS foundations, professional firms and publishing houses. He has professional skills in graphic software, paging, DTP, pre-jobs, photo editing, text processing, spreadsheets and database management.

In 1994, he graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Bari.
In 2004 and 2005, Angelo, as a biologist, and General Partner in Italsolution, checked and supervised the technical documents of the wines and foods commercialised under the management of Italsolution. He was in charge of the products image and technical aspects.

He specialised in production techniques and PDF file printing, pre-flight systems and printed certifications, by attending two conventions held in Rome in 2003 and 2004: “Create>Print” organised by the Company “Inside”-  Rome.

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